It Doesn’t Matter…

On Tuesday I was in a meeting where we ended our day by sharing out loud what hadn’t changed after Hurricane Sandy. It was great to remember what is enduring in the light of the storm and its aftermath. It got me thinking about next week’s election.

On Tuesday someone will be elected President of the United States – it will be either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. And today it looks like it is going to be close regardless of who wins the vote. But will it matter????? Oh I know some reading this will argue strenuously that it does. I suppose they are right. I am glad, for instance, that Abraham Lincoln was elected when he was.

But does it really matter? Someone will win and he will be inaugurated in January. Whoever ends up president, there will be changes of policy. While there has been some discussion about postponing the election it seems unlikely that will happen either. America will go on. And those of us living here will continue to live in a land of opportunity and plenty (despite what both sides want us to believe to the contrary).

No matter who is elected next week, God is still sovereign. The age-old affirmation “Jesus is Lord!” is still true. The Holy Spirit has gone out into all the earth and will not be recalled because one man or the other wins the race. All Saints Day, which was the day before I post this entry, reminds us that not even death can overturn God’s purposes for us. Surely a single election cycle has even less power to overrule God’s grace and mercy.

I hope you will vote on Tuesday and, I believe, your vote matters. But on Wednesday morning God will still be working, Christ will still be alive, and God’s Spirit will be waiting as always for us to join in God’s great work.

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