All That Cereal

Over Christmas we did some housecleaning and de-cluttering. I was amazed at how many partially eaten boxes of cereal had accumulated. If you are a cereal eater you may know the routine. You open a box of your favorite cereal and you eat a third or maybe half of the box. And then it sits. Sits taking up space in the pantry. Sits until it grows stale. Sits until someone de-clutters the pantry.

As 2013 gets under way I imagine we all have boxes of cereal in our lives. Projects begun that we didn’t finish. Things that were once important and now hold no value for us. Habits that need to be changed or replaced because they don’t help us (if they ever did).

I don’t know what those cereal boxes are for you. I know what they are for me. God has made us beings of great potential and value. But we do not have unlimited time, resources, or room. I need to make room for new things, better things in the pantry of my life. Maybe you do too? But please don’t touch my Captain Crunch.

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