Saturday of Holy Week – 2013

Jesus’ burial on Friday was a hurried affair – the Sabbath was set to begin. Burying the body of Jesus also identified you as a sympathizer, a follower of a man convicted of treason and blasphemy. Yet some took the risk – Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, Nicodemus.  None of these were in the inner circle of Jesus’ followers, the Twelve. None were his closest friends or confidantes.

These acts are reflections of the love that Jesus showed on Thursday evening and Friday. Their acts were based on their love for him. Not on their status or their role in the ministry. Simply love.

It is easy – and understandable – to miss the profound love shown in the burial of Jesus in Joseph’s own tomb. The glory of the Resurrection makes all else pale in contrast.

But consider the power of these simple acts of love for Jesus. They continue on Easter morning when the women return to finish what the short time on Friday would not allow. Their love finishes setting the stage on which the great drama of the Resurrection plays out tomorrow.

What does my love for Jesus invite me to do on this Saturday that remembers the day he laid in the tomb in which love had placed him?

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