Is God a Baby?

Next week my son will finish sixth grade. In our school district that means he moves on to junior high. For him it is a big shift – me too! My youngest child will be in junior high in a few months. Where did the time go? I won’t even broach the subject of his sisters, both of whom are in college.

In my mind’s eye my daughters and son are still babies, toddlers – maybe preschoolers. They can’t be young adults – can they? Sometimes I know my parental imagination leads me to treat them as I see them in my memory. But they aren’t babies any more. And haven’t been for a long time.

I am wondering today if I see God the same way? Is God a baby – the same God I was taught in Sunday School? The God of word searches and coloring pages, of easy reader Bibles?

God doesn’t grow up or mature. But my understanding of God does. Or should. God is complicated, God is infinite and eternal. But just as I want my children to stay the way they were, I want God to be simple. No demands made of me. No sacrifices to make. No intrusions into my plans.

That’s the God I want sometimes – maybe most of the time. But not the God who is. My God needs to grow up.

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