Seeing Into God’s Future

I drove to the end of the street where I live and noticed something happening in the mostly empty shopping center across from me. I realized someone was giving out food. I was intrigued – the church I pastor helps  give backpacks of food to children at a local elementary school. The need for food and other forms of support is real and ongoing in the part of town where I live and pastor.

That same morning I noticed in my Twitter feed that someone I follow – Scott Sliver – mentioned that he was going to Feed Huber. I put the pieces together and realized I was seeing the event he mentioned. This scene played out in March. For the next several months I would think about what I had seen and wonder about it. And wonder about it. And wonder about it. I couldn’t get this fleeting glimpse out of my mind.

So A few weeks I ago I contacted Scott via Twitter. I went – with several others from church – to witness a similar food distribution in Fairborn and then met Scott for breakfast. As Scott and I talked, it turned out that he had been in my church parking lot (maybe when I was there) while looking for a place to do the food distribution. But he didn’t knock on the door and ask because he didn’t want to hear “no.” The more we talked, the more connections we found we had.

I don’t know if this conversation will lead to a partnership between the church I pastor and what Scott is leading. I hope so. But regardless I have made a friend and made a new connection that God intended. And that I trust will grow into something that I would have never found on my own.

Where is God nagging you?? Nudging you to follow-up. To ask. To look. That morning several months ago I was looking into my future, even though I didn’t know it. God is leading and coaxing and calling each of us all the time to step into a different future.  Give in – you’ll be glad you did.

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