96 Percent (A Side Trip Back to Faith)

I’ve been writing about people leaving by the back door (church but also groups and relationships). I will return as promised next week to thoughts on what to do about it but…

This week I heard a story about dark matter (A Scientific Tour Of The Mysterious ‘Dark Universe’) which claims that 96 percent of the known universe is driven by dark matter and energy, which we cannot see. 5/6 of the gravity in the universe  comes from – yep – stuff invisible to our eyes. The interviewer even goes in the direction my mind was already going when asked ” It’s really spooking me out totally. I mean if there’s this stuff that could sort of pass through us and we would never know, how is that different from the sort of supernatural ghost-spirits that we sort of talk about and make fun of?”

I love science, especially astronomy / cosmology.  Human beings have long looked to the sky for inspiration. They have seen it as the source of life, where the gods live, where we go when we die. And the Bible joins this human cavalcade of faith in seeing heaven as “up” – Jesus ascends to heaven after the resurrection for example. God looks down on the earth.

If 96 percent of what drives the universe is dark – unseeable to us – why can’t that be true of life as well? Why can’t life be influenced by forces and powers we cannot see but are nonetheless real.? In some ways that’s true psychologically – I think much of what we do is driven by our unconscious minds and learned patterns. But there is also a spiritual life, a realm beyond the world we see and feel and experience daily. Why is it so hard to see God at work in human history even if we cannot prove the existence of God? (Yes, I know the parallel fails here since we can “see” dark matter scientifically but once we could not and it still was true). Why are there not forces at work that defy our senses and common sense.

Perhaps the physical universe that we are just now able to see in this way invites us to look to heaven. It certainly does me.

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One thought on “96 Percent (A Side Trip Back to Faith)

  1. Chris Dodds

    What a neat metaphor. I too am fascinated by cosmology, but this linkage never occurred to me. It’s almost tidy.

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