Answering the Questions No One is Asking

Tuesday evening a debate was broadcast between two men, one arguing for the “creationist” position and the other for “evolution.” The debate was live streamed here — didn’t watch it. But both my Facebook and Twitter were alight with posts, quotes, and reactions. I didn’t watch the debate because I am not sure that the debate was answering questions that anyone is really asking. In the words of the excellent piece at What We Learned From the Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate “The public is ready to move on.”

I think that most people – except partisans in the battle between the two extreme viewpoints represented by the debate – don’t really care. They — we — certainly have questions about the Big Things. Where do we come from? What is life? What is the ultimate fate of humanity? Of our world?

But I think people are asking more significant questions. Where did  come from? What is the meaning of my life? What is my fate / my purpose/ my goal/ my end?

People want to live. They want to bring meaning to their existence. They want to know why things happen to them. They want to know how to experience a better life. They want joy, love, abundance.

As the post from Relevant above ends “… there’s a lot more value in Christians loving their neighbors, whatever their beliefs about life’s origins.” 

They want to see a life that is better, a life that is meaningful, a life that is abundant. We who follow Christ know where to find that. We need to show them it is true by tou transformed lives – not by proving one story of our origins (I include both creationism and evolution here). The proof that matters is in our lives.

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