Sometimes by Step (Aldergate Newsletter)

For a variety of reasons, I am going to start posting my monthly church newsletter pieces. In this case because I want to do some reflections in future blogs on the metaphor I am using here… enjoy!


                     SOMETIMES BY STEP


The late Rich Mullins wrote these words (and if you don’t know this song you should find and listen to it!) –


Oh God, You are my God,
And I will ever praise You.
Oh God, You are my God,
And I will ever praise You.
I will seek You in the morning,
And I will learn to walk in Your ways;
And step by step, You’ll lead me,
And I will follow You all of my days.

Step by step… so much of the Christian journey (whether we mean our individual walk of faith or our church’s history) is one step at a time. Abraham journeyed from his home to modern day Iraq step by step. The children of Israel walked from Egypt to the promised land step by step. Jesus and his followers walked up and down the countryside step by step. The earliest followers of Jesus after the Resurrection spread the Good News – you guessed it – step by step into the world.

For us, the step by step isn’t so literal most of the time. But the image holds. We take step after faithful step, not always knowing what lies between us and our next destination. Sometimes we don’t know what or where the destination is! But we can see the next step, perhaps even the one after that.

Our church is always in motion, always stepping toward something (whether we know it or not). We don’t sit still. On Sunday, April 27, I shared a next step for our church called Live Free (see more elsewhere in this issue of our newsletter). It came from following some earlier steps. And there will be other steps beyond it as we seek to be faithful in making disciples of Jesus Christ, faithful in reaching our neighborhood and transforming our community, faithful to the Risen Lord.

These steps are not steps we take alone or unguided. The Risen Christ leads us as we step forth in faith. The God and Father of that Christ has purposes and plans for us and for our community. The Spirit of God gives us the courage, the power, and the love to take one more step in faith.

Keep walking with me as we seek to step into Christ’s future together!



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