Step by Step… Can’t Turn Back

Continuing my thoughts from this original post, I have been thinking about the journey of faith. It is always a step-by-step progress. A day, a step, a moment at a time.

Recently my thoughts have turned to the reality that journeying with Christ does not include an escape plan, a route by which we can return to where we were. There is no going back. Jesus says, for instance, to one man “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62 NIV) 

It’s hard to admit but sometimes I want to go back. I want an easier way, one with fewer demands, more centered on me and what I want. (Full-time ministry complicates this reality to be sure but it is more about being a Christian than a pastor). I wish that I could just do what I want.

But the path of Christian discipleship doesn’t have a U-turn. Following God never has. The people of Israel couldn’t go back to Egypt – but they sure wanted to return.

But we can’t go back because we aren’t the people we were when we started. We can’t unthink, unexperience, undo what has brought us to the next step.

And God is not behind us. God does not live in the past but in the present. In the next step. Not always comforting and sometimes overwhelming. But true.

Take the next step… God is there.

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2 thoughts on “Step by Step… Can’t Turn Back

  1. Victoria Hensley

    Oh, Pastor Randy, you have spoken for me once again! You cannot unlearn a thing. There’s no where to hide from Our Lord and pretend you don’t know what He has intentionally made known to you. I remind myself when I get weary of trying, that the loneliness of living without God is far worse than whatever I may be experiencing. God knows what a pitiful tool He has set to this task. While I may not always do the right thing or the best thing or anything, I can no more walk away from His task than I can stop my heart from beating. I think there’s a spot for you in the same pew.

  2. Oh yes… same pew definitely! And you express so well what I left unsaid as well. Thanks!

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