The Humility (Humiliation?) of Song

music-wallpaper-4-wideHow many times have I heard from the s 52neat next to me in the car, “Dad, please stop singing.” or ‘You are so off-tune!” or “You know you are singing off-key?” Well, no, I don’t. I suffered through years of music in elementary and middle schools. I recognize the notes on a page. I know what many of the basic music terms mean. But as I often tell people when they ask “Do you play an instrument?” I answer “Yes, the radio.” Making my mouth or a piano produce music is another thing entirely.

Like many people, music moves me. Certain songs bring me to tears – because of a memory they evoke… because of the power of the words… because of the beauty of the music itself. But I cannot, try as I might, make music of any sort. Except through something that plays the music another person has produced.

It’s humbling. I can do many things well. Not this. And not, truthfully, as many things as I think that I can. When I hear someone sing beautifully in worship it not only moves me toward God but reminds me of my limitations. I cannot do it all. I cannot do much of it. I have gifts and passions and experiences that are praise-worthy and that some others may want but lack. But I cannot do all things or even most things well. Just listen to me sing!

I need – we need – other people. As a human being, I need others to live a complete life. God has made the world and human personality this way. We need faith but we also need fellowship. We need our Creator but we also need his creatures.

Now let me turn up the music so you can’t hear me sing… !

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