Dream a Little – No, A Big – Dream

The word “dream” has arisen several times over the last few weeks of my life. Dreaming can mean wishful thinking about what could be. Or fantasizing about what is unlikely but would be welcome. Or those strange movies that play in our minds while we sleep.

In ancient times people saw dreams as God’s messengers. Interpreters of dreams were held in high regard (at least as long as their interpretations proved true or matched the hopes and wishes of the dreamer).

The Bible tells the stories of dreams and dreamers – Joseph, Daniel, Joseph the father of Jesus, Paul. How did they know that God was speaking and not last night’s dinner?

In all of these stories, God intrudes. God invades the dreams and lives of people without warning. God uses dreams to get their attention or to leverage a change in course.

God’s dreams are grander of ours. We dream of an easier life – God dreams of a fulfilling life. We dream of more of what we love – God dreams of more love. We dream of no cares – God dreams of our caring as deeply as does the One in whose image we are made.

One of the ways to know where our dreams originate is to ask whom they resemble. If they are inflated versions of us, then we know they come from inside. If they look as big, as holy, as loving as God… they are something beyond and outside us. They are God’s dream.

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