Is It Enough to Pray?

Yesterday I read a blog from United Seminary professor and colleague David Watson about the recent UM Council of Bishops statement that came from their gathering. I am not going to enter into the fray on my denomination’s divisions over human sexuality among other things.

I am struck – again – by the lip service I pray to the power of prayer in my life and ministry after reading David’s blog. Not that action isn’t necessary – far from it. At its best faith requires a fusion of right-heart and right-action. It is, I think, what God demands of us and makes possible in Jesus Christ.

But I keep coming back in my own life and faith and ministry to how little I believe in prayer. At least based on my efforts in that direction in my spiritual walk.

Do we believe that God does things? Do we believe that a God who demands right-living wouldn’t also be a God of action?

I find myself losing hope about my denomination’s future unity and vitality. Which is, I think, a perfect invitation to pray. So I will… more.


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One thought on “Is It Enough to Pray?

  1. Lewis

    prayer is action. Thanks

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