All That (Life Journal – 1/9/2015)

Still struggling to get back in rhythm with this flu… hoping I am better enough to hit this daily now.


They departed and went through the villages, bringing the good news and curing diseases everywhere. 

10 On their return the apostles told Jesus all they had done. (Luke 9:6, 10 NRSV)


Jesus sends the Twelve out and Luke tells us they preach the Kingdom and do works that demonstrate its coming (9:6). On their return they report the news to their master. What follows this brief account is quite interesting – a long narrative about the disciples not getting it. They try to send away the crowds who come whom Jesus then feeds. They cannot cast the demon out of a boy. They fall to arguing about who is the best. They want Jesus to call down judgment from heaven on a village.


We usually equate right-thinking with right-doing with progress inn the things of God. Yet Luke tells a story in which they (Jesus’ first followers) do the things and say the things that Jesus did… but without really understanding. They are successful but unconverted. They have power but lack understanding.

Sometimes we want to see God’s power revealed and think that is the end. To see the Kingdom demonstrated in transformation and power.

God is most concerned not about our demonstrating the power of the Kingdom in the miraculous but in our changed minds and hearts. Not to have statistics to share with the central office but change hearts that will change others. Changed minds that will see what the eyes cannot.

Peter catches a glimpse in vs. 20 but loses sight of it again until after the Resurrection.


Lord, give me a demonstration of your kingdom in my heart more than in my ministry. Transfigure me where only you can see rather than blessing me with fruit that others can see and praise. Make real in me the words and deeds of Jesus that others may see that more truly than they see great deeds. Amen.

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