Monday Morning Musings – After Easter

I am returning to my daily Life Journal readings but miss my more general musings and so will return to those as well each Monday. Yes, it is Tuesday – I decided to begin posting again when too much of Monday was gone.

I took vacation last week including Sunday. It was nice to be away from the daily routine and to get a few things accomplished (although not all or even most of what I had planned!).

While we live in a post-Easter faith, we also live in a pre-parousia world. Christ came once and rose but has not yet consummated what began at Easter. To the extent that we know the power of Christ’s resurrection (Philippians 3:10) and suffering as his followers the resurrection is a present reality. But the world, the creation, the universe continues with death in its many incarnations reigning.

Last week was filled with bumps in the road, unplanned detours, a change in the status quo of a significant part of my life, and a huge change in  our likely future. As many have quipped, I needed to return to work to recover from my vacation!

The point is that the Easter reality is only real to the extent that we allow it to be so. Until Christ returns and death dies, we need to appropriate its power and know its reality in the midst of the death where we live.



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