In the Long Run, We Are All Dead (Life Journal – 6/22/2015)


19 Nevertheless, for the sake of his servant David, the Lord was not willing to destroy Judah. He had promised to maintain a lamp for David and his descendants forever. (2 Kings 8:19 NIV)


8:19 stands in opposition to the evil ways of King Jehoram who is described not as doing what David did but what the Kings of Israel did.
– Jehoram is also criticized in vss. 16-18 for marrying a daughter of King Ahab
– The “nevertheless” is how God responds to this evil: with mercy and restraint
– God’s mercy is not due to Jehoram or even Judah but David!


In our day we want results. Even my church (The United Methodist Church and The West Ohio Annual Conference) seems at times to demand instant and measurable results. Show me the money as they say. But it is also true, as John Maynard Keynes said “In the long run we are all dead.”

David’s favor from God far outlives him. Jehoram rules in Jerusalem more than 100 years after David. Yet God spares Judah because of the promises he made to David!

How am I living in such divine favor… seeking it… honoring it… that 100 years from now someone will be blessed because of me?

I may never see what happens – and in fact won’t – because of my life. Buy my decisions and choices and fidelity matter even if the fruits of the moment don’t seem to indicate it.


God of  David – help me to live as David did, with a heart that pleases you. And show me where it does not. Help me not to look to the results and to the measurable as much as to the eternal and that which will bring your blessing and favor upon future generations of my family, my circle of friendships, my community, and my church. In the name of Jesus… amen.

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