Toward a Spirituality of Fall (Part 1)

Fall-Banner-at-Top (1)

I love fall (if you know me and are reading this post, you won’t need the reminder). For some fall is a time of dreariness and dread. Summer is over. Winter is coming. Fall just bridges the gap between glory and misery. But fall also can teach, inspire, remind. Today I am starting some posts about what fall does for my spirit.

The seasons are often seen as symbols for the stages of human life. The dread some friends feel for the annual return of fall is akin to the dread some feel as middle-age becomes real and old-age is in sight (I am definitely in middle-age myself).

But the leaves of fall remind us that there is beauty, there is purpose, there is significance in every stage of human existence. The leaves of fall re-attune our hearts to a different kind of beauty, in part so that when winter comes as it does to all of us. we will seek and see the beauty it holds as well.  The leaves on the trees will fall and die as autumn advances. The tree is still alive!

As the leaves change from greens to browns and reds and yellows, in whatever season we find ourselves may they remind us that God has given every stage of life its own beauty and rhythm. Enjoy the one where you now live. And if, like me, summer is past and you are in the fall of life, enjoy it all the more today!

Yours is the day, yours also the night;
    you established the luminaries and the sun.
You have fixed all the bounds of the earth;
    you made summer and winter.

Psalm 75:16-17

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