Life Journal (11/5/2015) – Not on the Internet Either

Scripture     Job 28:12-13

“But where shall wisdom be found?
    And where is the place of understanding?
13 Mortals do not know the way to it,
    and it is not found in the land of the living.


  • Wisdom contrasted with the riches of the earth (precious metals and later the abundance of the earth’s produce)
  • Wisdom is compared to these riches but also contrasted
  • Repetition of images of finitude: mortals, land of the living
  • Mortals don’t know how to find it AND it cannot be found in this land/world (wisdom that is)


I am a huge fan of the internet and of today’s technology, The information and resources available instantaneously are incredible. My son was working on a science fair project and had to do note cards. How many trips to the library would that have required and how many hours just to find the resources let alone read and digest them?

In some ways I think the same could be said for wisdom. It appears that wisdom is easily found. Every day I see numerous Facebook quotes and memes that speak words that grab people’s attention. But I wonder if people are really wiser, more enlightened, more spiritual even?

Job observes that like the riches in the earth, wisdom is inaccessible to the naked eye, It cannot be seen easily but unlike the precious things in the depths of the earth no amount of digging will unearth God’s wisdom. Wisdom comes from God who is not in the depths of the earth. God is not “findable” except to the degree that God reveals and directs.

It is worth my remembering today that wisdom is not found in any searching that does not direct itself toward God and toward the One who is Wisdom!


O God, you are wisdom. You are the great treasure and truth for which our souls long. Greater than any riches I might receive or find are you. May I treasure you so. Humble me, O God, that I may know I cannot be wise on my own or grow in my own strength but in yours and in your wisdom. Amen.


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