Taking a Break… More or Less


I started writing this blog a few years ago. I am not sure I thought much about what I intended to do here. Mostly it was a journal that a few other people read from time to time. I love to write and this gave me a place to do it. . Of late I have not been very disciplined in the daily Life Journal entries either which has become the main source of entries here.

So I am taking a break. A blog isn’t really meant to be an online journal but that is what this became. And those thoughts and ideas and ramblings are probably best kept somewhere private. My domain still has a fair amount of time left so I may return but I doubt it. I am not really cut out for blogging and it is better to not do something than to continue to do it half-heartedly.
Thanks to those who have read and responded! I appreciate your encouragement and interaction. I post this mainly for you few I know do read what I post faithfully so you won’t wonder where I went.


Grace and peace-


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2 thoughts on “Taking a Break… More or Less

  1. Steve Hottle

    Thank you for the thoughts you shared! It was amazing how many times your reflections were exactly the things that were weighing on my heart.

  2. Thank you Steve… it gives me no joy to stop but I think it and I have run the course at least for now.

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