Getting to the “Yes” of Lent

I gave up Facebook for Lent. What a challenge it has been! I had no idea how often I looked at Facebook during the day. Checked my feed. Clicked on articles, pictures, conversations. It has been humbling to recognize how much it intrudes into my life and day.

But Lent is not about “no” – at least not for its own sake. Nor is it about self-improvement (like giving up meat and finding you are better without it). The long traditions of “no” during Lent are a path to the deeper, longer “yes” to the things God has for us that these other things crowd out or replace.

Jesus’ life is not marked by “no” but by “yes.” Confronted constantly with temptation, challenge, and even violence Jesus nevertheless says “yes” to God, to the divine will, to the heavenly mission upon which he was sent. Be careful, though. Such a life of “yes” leads without fail to the cross – his and ours.

God cannot build upon our “no.” God is crowded out, blocked, when we say “no thank you” to the divine invitation.

Where, today, is God inviting you to say “yes?” Do it.

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