Palm Equinox

Today is an interesting confluence – the beginning of spring and the spring equinox falls on Palm Sunday. Spring starts as our Christian period of Holy Week begins anew. On this day day and night, light and dark are balanced. On this day we stand at the edge of the final resolution of Jesus’ drama. It is hard to recapture the tension, the promise, the sense of things hanging in the balance that day contained long ago.

Following the equinox the days will lengthen again and the night contract. The light slowly displaces the darkness but not obviously. Spring has arrived but the warmth has not. Life still waits to emerge again completely. But it will.

Palm Sunday represents the beginning of the end of Jesus’ life and ministry. The end, too, of the beginning. The long drama of God’s redemption was about to climax. We know that triumph was inevitable but then it was not so. Much was uncertain. Even doubtful.

God’s drama continues in us in our present. Things may not seem certain now. Events may confuse and even discourage. But they are moving toward resolution. They are moving toward God’s purposes in us too.


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