Waiting Why’s

In the days after Jesus’ resurrection, he appears to various people including so-called Doubting Thomas. For reasons not explained, Thomas is absent when Jesus appears to the disciples in John 20 on Easter evening. When they share the good – perhaps too good?  -news, he says he won’t believe until he sees with his eyes and touches with his hands.

A week later his disciples were again in the house, and Thomas was with them.”
(John 20:26 NRSV)

An entire week later Jesus appears once more. A week. Not as soon as Thomas lays down his challenge. Not the next day. Seven days later.

Why does God do thisWhy wait to do what God plans to do? Why an entire week? 

I have no idea. None. Oh I have read and even written about God’s seeming delayed response. I am sure most of what I have read and said has some value. But for the most part God neither explains nor apologizes. When the time is right – whatever that means – God speaks. God acts. God appears.

This is my deepest spiritual struggle right now. I live in the certainty that God wants me to do several things, make several changes. Some are dramatic – others matter to no one but me and to God. Why doesn’t God move things along for, well, God’s sake????  Why not show me the next step with clarity? Why not? Why not? Why not?

As noted I know the various reasons offered for this interminable waiting. But explanations don’t make the time move more quickly.. Logic and feeling are complementary but not interchangeable parts of our lives.

I don’t doubt… but I do wait.


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One thought on “Waiting Why’s

  1. Michael

    Dear Brother, I too struggle with clarity and waiting. I want to do what God has planned to do, but I can’t wait patiently for the clarity He plans to give me. Let’s go dear Lord…time is running out, make clear in my timing…in my planing. Ha…how foolish I am!! He will in His plan make everything clear……

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