DeMolay Centennial – Degree of Chevalier

Today Dana and I drove to Columbus to witness one of our son’s DeMolay Brothers receive the Degree of Chevalier. Because of a last minute illness I was also privileged to participate in the ceremony. As you know if you read my Facebook posts, later this year our son will experience the same ceremony and honor.  The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor an active DeMolay may receive. Senior DeMolays are also eligible for nomination.

The honor as DeMolay now confers it began in 1936. The word “chevalier” at its simplest means “knight” and was intended always to not only recognize DeMolay service but also to be a consecration to further service. A knighthood conferred upon young men who would then engage in battle for right and good in their lives and careers and public lives.

Dad Frank Land wrote the words to this moving ceremony himself. If you listen to it you will find it has a different cadence, a special feel that distinguishes it from the other DeMolay ceremonies both public and private.  The ceremony rededicates its recipients to the core values of DeMolay – love of God, love of home, and love of country.


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2 thoughts on “DeMolay Centennial – Degree of Chevalier

  1. Ken Cohen

    Always has been my favorite piece of ritual, not just in DeMolay.

  2. Pat King

    It might interest you to know that the present Chevalier ritual is word-for-word the same as Dad Land wrote save one word. When the Chevalier was first established, the regalia was the (same) medallion suspended from a red satin collar with the DeMolay emblem on it. Dad Land changed the wording of “As I place this collar and medallion about your neck” to “As I place this cordon and medallion about your neck” when the regalia changed around the 1950s. I have in my collection a first edition Chevalier ritual and have made the comparison.

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